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                                          My Son Jackson     

This page is dedicated to updates on the progress of Jackson’s recovery from spinal cord injuries sustained as a passenger in a car accident on NYE 2016.

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Jackson update 5/18:  One giant, significant update is that Jackson is coming home tomorrow! No chest brace, neck brace, arm or wrist braces and no picc line. He will have the G/J tube which is going to be in for a while, but otherwise he’s unencumbered and ready for a much steadier exercise routine. Jackson and Pops will be workout buddies! He’s been gaining a steady 2 pounds a week, which is the target, and we may very well be returning to Palo Alto in a couple weeks so his doctor can check his progress. A great advantage of being home is that there won’t be wait time for all the day's activities due to hospital staff (nurses, PT, OT, etc.) having all of their patient load to deal with. Every day for several hours, we will be moving forward with the extremely important rehab work!  

Jackson update 5/10:  Knock on wood, we're still on track for Jackson to come home next Wednesday. His doc is eager to kick him out. As he told Jackson, "You've had every complication you can have and survived them all. Let's get you out of here before something else happens." 

Jackson gained a few more pounds this week and is allowed to take a small amount of protein shake by mouth, though his real nutrition is still going through the G-J tube. It's helped his energy a lot and he's gone exploring a little farther afield than just tooling around the main part of the campus. You can see in the video that his inner speed demon is alive and healthy! 

Continued warm thanks from all of us for all your encouragement and support!

Jackson update 4/26:  This last week has been one of a lot of waiting.  Last Monday Jackson was quite improved after a weekend of having bile drained from his stomach through a nasal/gastric tube.  Yes, that’s a tube that went down his nose - throat - esophagus and into his stomach.  This was necessary twice, one time for about three hours and the next took almost nine.  That finally gave him relief from the nausea, hiccups and vomiting and stabilized his vitals.  He was then put on a clear liquid diet with most of his essential nutrition coming from an IV picc line.  On Monday morning his doctor wanted to test his swallowing using barium to x-ray the process.  When I left him, I thought that he’d soon be assessed and that a treatment would be started later that day.  The test didn’t happen till Wednesday afternoon and his treatment didn’t start till yesterday.  So, an entire week went by that he was stuck in bed, weak and literally drained from his ordeal, in a holding pattern and losing ground on the physical gains he’d previously made.  It was frustrating, to say the least, and there was a dearth of information coming from his doctors.  He is in a facility with hundreds of patients going through a myriad of traumas so unfortunately he was in a queue where sudden emergencies can take precedence, and expectations and timelines can easily be thrown off.  

The good news is that he underwent a procedure yesterday where they inserted a G/J tube.  This is actually two tubes, one that is pushed through his jejunum (the J), past the blockage, so they can get the nutrition in him to build some fat in his belly, and another that is in his stomach (the G), that enables them to immediately drain any bile in case what they’ve given him backs up.  We wrote previously that they had put this tube in, but later we found out just how delayed the whole process has been.  Today he’s expected to be back in his wheelchair and hopefully back in the gym…that’s the plan for now anyway.  In a week we will have a new discussion for a release date…
Many of you have reached out and want to lend support in our time of struggle and we are so grateful for your positive thoughts and prayers.  For those of you who would like to aid Jackson in the road ahead we have created a GoFundMe campaign.

Jackson update 4/15:  Jackson has gone through several setbacks starting last Saturday in the early AM.  The trigger to these was apparently food poisoning.  The source can’t be tracked down definitively but the bottom line is that for several days he has experienced sustained nausea and extreme pain.  The retching and sudden weight loss (he’s down to 130-ish) has caused parts of his intestines to twist, blocking him up and filling his stomach with gas and bile resulting in severe acid reflux and a swelled stomach.  He hasn’t been able to take medication or have his breathing treatments so his left lung started to cloud up. His blood pressure, heart rate, and blood saturation levels were inconsistent so they moved him to the ICU, put him on antibiotics to stave off pneumonia, put in a nose tube to drain the bile from his stomach and have also inserted a tube into his intestine, past the blockage, so they can basically force feed him calories and nutrition.  The twisting of the intestine put pressure on an artery and vein that are usually separated by fat tissue that is no longer there so they’re doing all they can to help him regain some weight and fat.  

This has been incredibly hard to see him in such abject, ceaseless pain and discomfort and unable in any way to do anything significant to help him.  The latest update today is that his numbers (oxygen saturation, blood pressure, heart rate), are all good and he’s sleeping peacefully.  The doctors are encouraged.  We’ll post more when we know more.                                                                                                                                                                                       

 From The Beginning: January 1, 2016