I received the sweetest e-mail today

"Dear John Sherry I don't leave comments on Youtube, but I just wanted to thank you so much for making a full version of the Mentalist song. I checked every year, and even wrote to the show (of course nobody answered :)). This is one of the better surprises this year. Thank you again! Best wishes from Switzerland"

While most of the cues that I wrote for The Mentalist, were pretty much buried under the action and dialogue, there was one piece I wrote that was featured because it was a clue; so for a brief few seconds in that episode my little country/rock piece was the only thing heard. As it turns out, someone created a YouTube video of the scene with the title, What’s The Name Of This Song? And someone found me on Facebook to let me know about it.

The episode, btw, is "Cherry Picked” Season 05, Episode 06.

The “song" I wrote was just a cue, 22 seconds in length of which they used about 11…But, on receiving that kind of enthusiastic response from a few thousand people, I resolved to create a full length (2:38) version. I added some mandolin, a banjo part that I performed on a ukulele and borrowed a friend’s Telecaster so my Chickin’ Pickin’ would ring like a bell. Once I’d recorded all the tracks I called my friend (top notch recording engineer and owner of said Telecaster) Jesse DeCarlo and we mixed it together.

Upcoming release of a new Original tune

MY last several releases have been cover songs, of the material that I play at my live shows. This new tune came to me when I was playing my National resonator guitar in my studio on a Sunday morning. It felt so good that I stayed with it as it slowly developed over a couple of months time, adding several other guitar parts, bass guitar and a little mandolin for good measure. It’s called Sunday In Blue.

Back to performing

WELL, slowly but surely I’ve been adding dates to my calendar and it sure feels good! I’m back playing regularly at Bernardus Lodge in Carmel Valley as well as Folktale Winery (both are outdoor venues), and even a few private wedding events. Please see my Calendar page. I hope to see you soon!

Taking On New Students Using Zoom

For the last several years, I’ve had such an intense performance schedule that I’ve not had a lot of time for teaching. Regardless I’ve kept a few students who’ve been with me for years and I’m now teaching them using Zoom, and it’s working out nicely. Hope you’ll check out my Guitar Lessons page for more info.

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